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Lots of drama today. Instead of window-shopping and strolling around the local area, we spent the time organising tickets for a dash back to Tokyo. That pesky typhoon has once again required that we delve into another Japanese transport system and learn how it works. Singapore Airlines will not be flying from Osaka for a […]

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The last couple of days of our holiday we are spending in Osaka. Spending being the operative word. I thought we would enjoy a little luxury after walking up and down mountains, so we are booked into The Cross Hotel. With decent WiFi, buffet breakfasts and a nice deep tub in the wet room. The […]

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Our last night on the Kii Peninsula was spent at a Japanese hotel – Manseiro in Kii-Katsuura. Being a bit more upmarket than the Minshukas and Ryokans we had become used to, we found the formality a bit challenging. There seemed to be even more options to get wrong in the footwear department. And we […]

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Grand Shrine – Nachi Taisha

During the night it rained a lot. After breakfast we realised that must have been a light mist by comparison with what faced us. Even our host looked a bit concerned. The track was one of the wettest I’ve walked. Then it really started raining! And the way lead unrelentingy upward. For three hours we […]

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Momofuku Minshuku

A final photo of our ryokan and Yunomine Onsen and we hopped on the bus for the short ride to Ukegawa. The plan for the day was to walk from there to our minshuku in Koguchi. Our least complicated day so far. I had almost the correct fare for the bus and didn’t care about […]

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Yunomine Onsen

The walk up the ridge from Hongu was quite wet with intermittent rain showers penetrating the plantation canopy. Underfoot there was plenty of evidence regarding the ferocity of the typhoon. The branch tips littering the ground proved to be very tough and resilient when I tried to break them by hand. After a good day […]

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Kumano Hongu Taisha

Before departing our Minshuku at Chikatsuyu, we once again enjoyed the view of the Hiki river while having a slightly westernised breakfast. We caught the bus to drive around the trail section blocked by landslides from typhoon JEBI. We started walking on a very wet track (but not muddy) and in pouring rain (but not […]

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